Jamia Millia Islamia and Minority Status: Unresolved issues

The moot question facing us today in Jamia is how to ensure optimum Muslim representation in institutions of higher education. This sentiment is entirely legitimate given the fact that Muslims lag behind in higher education, as established by the Sachar Committee Report. The debate remains whether minority status for Jamia is the best recourse to realize this. The crucial thing to discuss is if minority interests will be served better by granting minority status or by retaining Jamia as its founders visualized—that is, a university that will have a stake in the national mainstream.

Rape of Justice in Shopian

It appears that the Indian State’s mantra, when it comes to dealing with minorities, Kashmiris and the peoples from the Northeast is that “justice must not be done, and it must never seen to be done”. JTSA condemns the brazenness with which the CBI has given a clean chit to the security forces in the double rape and murder of Asiya Jan (17) and Neelofar Jan (22) in Shopian. The CBI has brashly tried to resuscitate the theory of ‘death by drowning’ as the cause of death of the two young women, proclaiming: “It is a case of drowning. No rape or murder”.

Critique of the NHRC report

The National Human Rights Commission’s so-called enquiry into the Batla House ‘encounter’ has pronounced the Delhi Police innocent of any foul play. Interestingly, the NHRC’s investigations into the police action on 19th September are based on evidences provided by those accused of encounter alone. The Commission’s enquiry is based on the responses of the following officers of the Delhi Police:

1) R.P. Upadhayay, Additional Commissioner of Police, Vigilance;

2) Satish Chandra, Special Commissioner of Police (Vigilance), Delhi;

A Tale of Two Encounters

Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Group extends its heart-felt condolences to the family of Ranbir Singh, the youth who was killed in a police encounter in Dehradun last week. This encounter again brings to the fore the trigger-happy ways of the Indian police who kill and torture for medals and promotions. We demand exemplary punishment for the guilty policemen.

Petition to the NHRC

Hon’ble Justice Shri Rajendra Babu,
The Chairperson,
National Human Rights Commission,
New Delhi.


Jamia Teachers Question the Police and media

The last few days have seen the Delhi Police "returning fire" at the critics of the Jamia Nagar encounter. Pressured by the mounting skepticism about police claims, the Delhi Police have now responded with a new round of theories and stories, which nevertheless remain as riddled with holes, as their earlier version(s). Jamia Teachers' Solidarity Group responds to the latest Police claims.

1) The police was caught by surprise. Or was it?

Some Questions about the counter-terror operation at Jamia Nagar. Statement issued by activists and Jamia teachers on 20th September 2008

A team comprising activists, academicians and journalists visited the site of the police operation against alleged terrorists staying in an apartment in Jamia Nagar in the afternoon of 20.09.2008 (Saturday). Two alleged terrorists Atif and Sajid, along with Mohan Chand Sharma, an inspector of the Delhi Police's Special Cell died in the operation while a third alleged terrorist was arrested.

On the basis of our interactions with the local residents, eye witnesses and the reports which have appeared in the media, we would like to pose the following questions: