JTSA Wins the Teachers’ Elections at Jamia

Prof. M.S. Bhatt recorded a resounding victory in the JTA elections, winning the President’s post by a margin of 174 votes while on the Secretary’s post, Manisha Sethi polling 222 votes, lost narrowly. The overwhelming response to the JTSA candidates and their progressive agenda is testimony to the consistent work done by JTSA (Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association) in expanding the democratic space in the University.

Produce Fasih Mahmood before an Indian Court, NOW

 It has been over two weeks that Fasih Mahmood was practically disappeared from his residence in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, where he worked as an engineer. On 13th May, Sunday, Mahmood was taken away by a group of Indian and Arab men, all in civil dress, and their house searched, while his wife, Nikhat Perveen, was held in a room by an Arab woman.

War between Special Cell and ATS Claims an Innocent

Some Questions for the Maharashtra ATS Chief

The Maharashtra ATS claims to have cracked the 13/7 blasts case. Its chief has revealed in a press conference that Indian Mujahideen was behind the Mumbai blasts. And yet, the Ministry of Home Affairs remains far from impressed—indeed, it appears rather irritated. And the press, also unusually, has been circumspect about his revelations. The ATS Chief says that he did not want to call a press conference.

JTSA and ANHAD Write to the Home Minister and Delhi Police Commissioner in Connection with the Arrest of Naquee Ahmed

Shri P. Chidambaram,
Hon’ble Minister,
Ministry of Home Affairs

Subject: Arrest of Naquee Ahmed and the competition between investigative agencies

Dear Shri P. Chidambaram,

We are writing to you in response to a series of recent events which has led to the arrest of a youth, Naquee Ahmad by the Maharashtra ATS on 10th January 2012. Naquee Ahmad was enlisted by the Special Cell, Delhi Police to help them solve a terror case and tracking down two suspects from Mumbai. Two officers of the Special Cell, Mr. Lalit Mohan Negi and Mr. Hriday Bhushan, were in touch with him. Their phone records will easily attest to this. In connection with their investigation,

JTSA Lists Some More 'Genuine' Encounters in Delhi for the Home Minister

Mr. Chidambram,

You say there shall be no re-visit of the Batla House encounter. You are of course absolutely right. All those agencies who conducted the encounter have already given themselves a clean chit. What further proof could be required of the genuineness of the encounter than the fact that no less than Karnail Singh, Joint Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, Delhi, (who by the by, was also trying to derail the probe into Ishrat Jahan encounter) wrote to the Lt Governor and the NHRC vouching for the innocence of their gallant heroes. Speaking of gallant heroes, we are sure it has been brought to your notice—or maybe it hasn’t—that some of the brave hearts of the Delhi Police Special Cell have been indicted by the courts in the past couple of years for scripting and executing fake encounters. These are the very men whom you have been felicitating with gallantry awards and Presidents’ medals. But Sir, rest assured, we are not asking what sort of democracies fete and glorify killers. Our kind, of course.

Delhi Police’s Delaying Tactics to Evade Prosecution in False Frame ups

In 2005, the Delhi Police claimed that they had arrested six Kashmiri terrorists after a fierce encounter on the NH 8 (near the IGI airport). The police claimed that the arrested men were terrorists who were coming to Delhi from the Jaipur side to plant bombs at the Palam airport. They claimed to have recovered a fake army uniform, hand grenades, AK 47s and cash from the men. Earlier this year, a lower court in Dwarka acquitted all of them of every charge and instead noted that the accused were falsely framed.

JTSA Condemns the Killing of Koteshwar Rao, and Encounter Killings as State Policy

JTSA condemns the killing of Koteshwar Rao (also known as Kishen ji) by joint forces. There are already strong allegations that Kishen ji was arrested and tortured prior to being killed.  The truth must be unearthed through a free and fair judicial probe. At a time when peace talks are on, and interlocutors have been appointed, the state has chosen to use encounter killings as state policy. This only exposes the government’s lack of any genuine commitment towards the peace talks.