Maharashtra ATS Displays Appalling Lack of Procedure

Investigative agencies are not inclined to paper work. Procedure is followed mostly in violation. This was proved yet again when the Maharashtra ATS served illegal summons to Taquee Ahmed, brother of Ahmed, whom the ATS alleges is involved in the 13/7 Mumbai blasts. Recall that the Maharashtra ATS had first landed in Delhi to question—or rather take Taquee for questioning to Mumbai on 18thJanuary 2012. The presence of vigilant civil rights group and media tamed the ATS and they promised to serve proper summons.

On the Anti-Corruption Movement

The Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association upholds the anti-corruption struggle and the demand for an effective Lokpal Bill. We urge the Government of India to undertake urgent steps to ensure that the demand for a powerful institution of the Lokpal is met and put in place. Any dragging of feat on this will only serve to embolden the corrupt and the unscrupulous occupying high offices.