Citizens' March For Justice and Truth!

On 19th September, two students, Atif Amin and Md. Sajid, were killed by the Special Cell in an ‘encounter’ at Batla House. In this operation, Inspector Sharma also lost his life. While the Delhi Police, the Government and sections of the Media are trying to present it as an open and shut case of ‘encounter with terrorists’, the glaring inconsistencies in the Police story, have raised serious doubts about their claims.


Verdict of the Jan Sunwai Jury

Public Hearing

Academics and activists seek Judicial probe into the 19th September encounter by a sitting Supreme Court judge;

Demand that investigations be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigations

A Jan Sunwai on the Batla House ‘Encounter’ was organized by the Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Group outside Khalilullah Masjid in Jamia Nagar on 12th October (Sunday). The following scholars and activists associated with civil rights movement constituted the jury:

Swami Agnivesh, Member, National Integration Council
John Dayal, Member, National Integration Council
Tanika Sarkar, Professor of History, JNU
Tripta Wahi, Professor of History, Delhi University
Vijay Singh, Professor of History, Delhi University
Nirmalangshu Mukherji, Professor of Philosophy, Delhi University
Harsh Mandar, Social Activist

The need to hold a Public Hearing in the neighbourhood became imperative to counter the increasing communalization of public discourse in relation to the issue of terrorism and its association with the Muslim community. The on-going targeting of the community by the media and the different institutions of the State as well as political parties has increased the sense of alienation and fear. To overcome this situation and to extend solidarity to the community residing in the Jamia Nagar area particularly by members of the liberal, secular, democratic intelligentsia belonging to different communities created a space of dialogue. This act of solidarity was welcomed by the people who attended in thousands to be part of the deliberations.


Jamia Teachers Condemn Communal Witch Hunt and Demand Independent Impartial Enquiry

The events of 19th September and subsequent days have left the Jamia community shocked, aggrieved and fearful. In particular the manner and the suspicious circumstances in which young boys, many of them students of Jamia Millia Islamia, have been picked up by the Special Cell, and pronounced "dreaded terrorists" by a trial by an utterly sensationalist and prejudiced media has created an atmosphere of fear and suspicion.