The 2008 ‘encounter’ at Batla House resulted in the death of two young men, Atif Ameen and Md. Sajid, and an Inspector of Delhi Special Cell, Mohan Chand Sharma. The trial, widely known as the Batla House ‘encounter’ trial, is essentially a trial about the death of Inspector Sharma. The deaths of Atif and Sajid have fallen in a legal blackhole, with neither a magisterial enquiry, nor a case of their being killed registered. After publicly naming the two slain youth as having fired upon Inspector Sharma, the prosecution finally charged Shahzad Ahmad, who was arrested in early 2010 with the murder. Conveniently forgotten was also that the NHRC enquiry which gave a clean chit to the Special Cell, terming the ‘encounter’ as genuine, had also gone to great lengths to establish that Atif and Sajid had fired the shots. New theories about Shahzad’s pilot license and accompanying visions of a 9/11 type attack were circulated at the time of Shahzad’s arrest, all of which fell flat soon.

Now, almost five years after the ‘encounter’ at Batla House, the trial is reaching conclusion. The Defence has taken apart the prosecution case, point by point. The judgement is due to be announced on 25th July.

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