We strongly condemn the ongoing violence engulfing parts of Assam, which has led to massive numbers of people fleeing their homes and crowding in camps where living conditions are appalling and sub-human.

Tension has been simmering for some time now in Assam, which is home to a large number of tribes and groups, including Muslims. The festering and low scale violence was allowed to grow and erupt into this horrendous killing and burning by the local administration and the state government through their deliberate and cynical non-action and complicity.

It is highly condemnable that this tragic violence is being used by vested sections to raise the
politically motivated demand of deporting illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

We demand that the state government make immediate efforts to maintain peace and calm as well as to rehabilitate those stranded in the refugee camps. We also appeal to all community organizations to make efforts to end this cycle of violence and revenge.

Released by Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association
27th July 2012