Fasih Mehmood’s deportation: Déjà vu, once more

In September, we brought out a report, Framed, Damned, Acquitted documenting 16 cases where trials of terror accused had resulted in acquittals for not only lack of evidence but obviously concocted evidence. Each of these cases was accompanied by a section on how media had publicly tried and ‘executed’ these unfortunate men when they were first arrested

JTSA’s response to the Police response to 'Framed, Damned, Acquitted'.

Did you think that the Special Cell or the Delhi Police would introspect on its ways after the publication of JTSA's report, Framed, Damned, Acquitted? How wrong you were. It is now attempting desperately to defend the indefensible by hiding behind a maze of statistics, ignoring the real questions that the report has raised: namely the brazen and systematic violation of all established legal norms and due process.

End the Cycle of Violence in Assam

We strongly condemn the ongoing violence engulfing parts of Assam, which has led to massive numbers of people fleeing their homes and crowding in camps where living conditions are appalling and sub-human

Stop Intimidation of Activists! Rebuff the Culture of Coercion

On a day when citizens were not allowed to register their protest against the tidal wave of communal witch hunt, the Delhi Police’s Special Branch was busy intimidating rights activists. In a clear attempt to coerce those raising their voice against brazen high handedness of police and investigating agencies.

Stop Targeting Muslim Boys in the Name of Fighting Terror

On 14th June 2012, a demonstration was held at the residence of the Home Minister by citizens's group in protest against the unending communal profiling of Muslim youth in the war against terror. However the demonstrators were detained at the Chanakyapuri Police Station and not allowed to reach the venue of the protest. The protestors however carried on with the protest meeting at the Police Station. Below is the text of the letter addressed to the Home Minister, which was due to be submitted to him.

Qateel Siddiqi Killed in Judicial Custody. Who is Responsible?

Twenty-seven year old Qateel Siddiqi, arrested in November 2011 by the Special Cell for his alleged IM links, has been killed in Yerwada Central jail in Pune today. The murder has ostensibly been carried out fellow inmates for unknown reasons. Qateel had been shifted to Yerwada only a few days ago after the Maharashtra ATS had taken his custody for a test identification parade.

Produce Fasih Mahmood before an Indian Court, NOW

 It has been over two weeks that Fasih Mahmood was practically disappeared from his residence in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, where he worked as an engineer. On 13th May, Sunday, Mahmood was taken away by a group of Indian and Arab men, all in civil dress, and their house searched, while his wife, Nikhat Perveen, was held in a room by an Arab woman.